Roof Inspection in St. Louis County, MO

Managing your long-term costs is essential when it comes to owning a business or home. Stay ahead of any deterioration by scheduling a roof inspection in St. Louis County, MO, or the surrounding areas. Many people schedule a roof inspection during the aftermath of a powerful storm, but this isn’t the only time you should have your roof inspected.

Biebel Brothers Roofing employs a team of inspectors and detail-oriented contractors who are licensed and bonded for your protection. We consider the entire roofing system, and how that affects the interior of your home or business. Our free analysis of your roofing gives you the information you need to make a sound decision about repairs and a full replacement.

Depending on the number of existing roofing layers, we may recommend a complete tear-out and replacement. For roofs that have been in place for more than 10 years, additional insulation may be required to meet your energy needs. You should never have to pay for more roofing than you need. Once you have a full understanding of your situation, it helps to have a team that also offers efficient roof installation.

Managing Your Costs

Whether you are maintaining your home’s exterior or improving your business establishment, the roofing and insulation must fit the type of structure in question. Our roofing contractors in St. Louis County, MO, have the experience and the service warranties you need to feel confident about investing new your roof. When you weigh the cost of a roof inspection against the significant expense of replacing the entire roof, the choice is clear.

A Wise Investment

A modern roof makes a big difference in your monthly costs and the overall appeal of your location. Our contractors use quality roofing materials and insulation with a higher R-value. R-value measures the amount of thermal resistance for each insulation product. Low-density products with higher thermal resistance can reduce the overall load being directed into the rest of your structure.

Learn more about your particular roof installation cost for an existing home or a newer business. We offer both roofing replacements and new construction roofing for commercial and residential customers. Our clients get quality roofing materials that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Leave nothing to chance when you need a roofing partner for your next project.

Contact Biebel Brothers Roofing, one of the trusted roofing companies in St. Louis County, MO, to schedule a roof inspection for your building. We serve customers throughout St. Loui, Missouri, and the surrounding communities for your convenience.