Six Signs That It’s Time for a New Roof

At Biebel Brothers Roofing, we are dedicated to helping our customers get maximal lifespan and performance out of their roofs. However, the time eventually does come when existing roofing materials have to be replaced in order to ensure the continued protection of the property. Below are some of the most common warning signs that it may be time to call us for an estimate on a new roof in St. Louis, MO.

  1. Buckled or Curled Shingles – Buckling and curling are common in aging roofs, and may indicate that your home is exposed to the elements.
  2. Algae Growth or Tar Streaking – These are both strong indications that your shingles are losing their weatherproofing properties.
  3. Mold and Moisture – Mold and moisture are signs of water damage that, over time, will cause wood and other materials to rot.
  4. Missing Shingles – When your roof is missing shingles, your home is extremely vulnerable to water infiltration.
  5. Missing Granules – When asphalt shingles are visibly losing their granules, that means that their weatherproofing properties are on the decline.
  6. Higher Energy Bills – You may notice a spike in your energy bills as your current roof ages and can no longer perform as it once did.

How Does a Roof Impact Selling a Home?

Residential Roofing St Charles County MOEach potential buyer for your home has a checklist that they are looking for before committing to purchasing a house. Typically, this includes an upgraded kitchen, a certain amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, along with other amenities like a garage. When it comes to the checklist, potential buyers do not want to have to deal with replacing the roof of a home they are about to purchase.

Selling Bonus

Make your home more appealing to potential buyers by having the roof repaired or replaced beforehand. This way, the people who do purchase your house will not have to worry about the roof for many years to come unless a storm happens.

Increased Value

By having a new roof installed before listing your home, you are increasing the value of your home and can potentially ask more for it.

Less Negotiating

When someone is interested in purchasing your home, they will have an inspector out to look at the house and determine if there is anything that needs to be fixed. When you have a brand new roof, you do not have to worry about negotiating the price or who will fix certain things before the sale is finalized.

Before listing your home, give us a call today at (314) 997-5522 for residential roofing in St. Charles County, MO.

3 Things that Cause Roof Damage

Roof Repair St Louis County MOThe roof over your head can become damaged by numerous things, but the helpful staff at Biebel Brothers Roofing wants to provide you with information about the top things that cause damage to your home’s roof below.

Falling Tree Branches

Having trees near your home can be very beneficial, especially during the summer because the shade provided by the trees can help keep your home cooler. However, when trees are near the house, it can also lead to roof damage when a branch falls during a storm or because the branch is dead.


Little animals like squirrels and raccoons can find their way into your attic by creating holes in weak spots on your roof. Even though these small animals seem cute, they can cause lots of damage to your roof when they choose to make your home their new home.


Your house was built to withstand strong winds, but that does not mean the shingles and other roofing materials can withstand the same heavy-duty winds. Your home could be damaged by the gusts of winds too. Most people think the wind speed has to stay constant for your home to have damage, but that is not always the case.

Protect your home from further damage by calling Biebel Brothers Roofing at (314) 997-5522 for roof repair in St. Louis County, MO.

3 Simple Steps to Hiring Roofing Contractors in St. Charles County, MO

Roofing Contractors St Charles County MOYou might find yourself a little overwhelmed when you need a roof repair or replacement for your home. Don’t worry because Biebel Brothers Roofing wants to make it simple for you to hire the right roofing team to complete your construction job, so we have listed three simple steps for you to follow below.


You should research the roofing companies in St. Charles County, MO, that you are considering hiring to work on your roof. By reading previous clients’ reviews, you can understand what it will be like to have a particular company work for you.


Request personalized quotes for your roofing project and determine if it aligns with your budget. It is imperative to set a budget, but also be realistic about how much it will be to complete the job correctly. You don’t want to hire a company that is going to charge less but cut corners.


Double check the services the roofing company offers because you do not want to hire a roofing company that works specifically with commercial roofs for your residential property.

Request a custom estimate for your project by calling our roofing contractors in St. Charles County, MO, at (314) 997-5522 right now.

Saving Money With a Roof Inspection

Residential Roofing St Charles County MOAre you wondering if you should schedule a roof inspection for your home or rental properties you own? Discover how you can save money in the long run by having residential roofs inspected by Biebel Brothers Roofing.

A Roof is a Long-Term Investment

Owning a home requires a certain level of upkeep to maintain the structure over the years. If you take care of your home, it should last a very long time without any significant issues. Part of this upkeep requires having professional inspections completed for your roof. If you do not care for the roof properly, it can lead to water damage and other costly issues down the road.

Peace of Mind

By scheduling an inspection for residential roofing in St. Charles County, MO, you will know right away if something is wrong. Whether there is a minor issue or not, you will have peace of mind knowing that your roof has been professionally inspected. You no longer have to wonder about the condition of your roof.

From moisture to hail damage, there are many things that can happen to your roof. Call our roofing team today at (314) 997-5522 for more information about the importance of roof inspections.

Ways to Tell if You Need a Roof Repair

Roof Repair St Charles County MOA house is much more than just a structure that protects your family, it is a place where memories are created. There must be routine maintenance to keep your home up-to-date, which includes maintaining your roof. Discover how to determine if your roof needs a professional repair below.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Whether your roof is getting older and you just want to be on the safe side or a massive storm just went over your house, scheduling a professional roof inspection is the best way to know if you need a roof repair. Just looking at your roof is not good enough because there could be early signs that our roofing contractors can spot, but you are unable to see from the ground.

Take a Closer Look at Shingles

If you notice a couple of shingles are loose or damaged, then you will need a roof repair to secure each one safely. During the roof repair, our team will inspect the area to check for further damage. If can see something wrong with your shingles, it is usually a sign that your roof needs a repair.

Turn to Biebel Brothers Roofing when you need a roof repair in St. Charles County, MO, and the surrounding areas. Request an estimate from our team when you call (314) 997-5522 right now.

3 Ways a New Roof Can Help Your Business

Commercial Roofing St Charles County MOPart of being a business owner is maintaining the property. Typically, this includes pressure washing and making sure the plants out front are thriving to ensure your curb appeal attracts new customers. However, you might have overlooked an important part that could be sending potential customers the wrong impression, and that is the condition of your roof. Check out three reasons why you need to replace your business’s roof.

Appearance- If your business is missing shingles or is outdated, then it can be off-putting to your clients. You might not realize that the condition of your roof is a significant part of curb appeal even though it is not the first thing you think about. You want to make a good impression on potential customers as they are passing by because you want them to come to your business to see what you are offering.

No Leaks- Once your roof reaches a certain age, the chance of it leaking increases. You do not want it to rain one day and then have buckets strategically placed throughout your business.

Quick Turnaround- Our team understands that having a roof replaced can impact your business, but we will work with you to determine a timeframe that works for you.

Contact the team at Biebel Brothers Roofing by calling (314) 997-5522 when you need commercial roofing in St. Charles County, MO, or the surrounding areas.

3 Reasons to Turn to Us for New Construction Roofing

Roofing Contractors St Charles County MOAre you building a home or commercial space? During the process of new construction, you will need to make decisions like selecting a company to design and install a high-quality roof for your project. We thought we would help you make that decision by providing three reasons you should choose Biebel Brothers Roofing.

Experience- Since 1905, our family-owned business has been providing the St. Charles County area with top-notch roofing services.

Invest in Your Project- When building a home, you most likely are working with a variety of contractors to complete different parts of your project for you. For instance, you would not hire an electrician to install plumbing throughout your home. You can trust our roofing contractors to install a roof on your new construction.

Variety of Projects- When you are building a home, business, or another type of building, you need a roofing team that you can trust to get the job done correctly. From commercial to residential, our roofing contractors in St. Charles County, MO, will provide quality customer service and a durable roof.

If you have questions about any of our roofing services or would like to schedule a roofing consultation, you can give us a call at (314) 997-5522 today.

When to Have a Roof Inspection?

Roof Inspection St Charles County MOAt Biebel Brothers Roofing, our roofing contractors are here to assist with all of your roofing needs and that includes providing a thorough roofing inspection.

Buying a Home- Before signing the papers and becoming an official homeowner, you need to have a roof inspection done by a trusted company. Our team will let you know the condition of the roof that will be over your head, so you can adequately negotiate if the roof is not up-to-date.

Older Roof- If your home has not had a roof replacement recently, you can turn to us to check the integrity of your roof. We can also provide a roof inspection in St. Charles County, MO, after a massive storm hits to check for damage that might not be noticeable at first glance.

Investment- As a homeowner, you are continually investing in your family’s home. Another reason to have your roof inspected often is to catch small issues before anything turns into a costly problem for you. Being prepared and having your roof checked can save your family money down the road.

Schedule your roof inspection in St. Charles County, MO, at a convenient time by calling our team at (314) 997-5522 right now.

How to Decide What Company to Hire for Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing St Charles County MOBecoming a homeowner is a massive investment and we want to help you protect it with residential roofing services. Taking the step and becoming a homeowner means you are now responsible for fixing or replacing the roof depending on the severity of the damages. When deciding on which company to hire to fix your roof, you need to take into consideration these three things below. 

Quality Materials- You want to hire a company that is going to use quality materials when repairing your roof because it will be protecting your family. This is not the time to cut corners because if you try to sell your home later and it is not up to code, you will not get a return on your investment.

Reviews- Reading reviews is a great way to gain perspective on what it will be like working with a particular company.

Pricing- Look for a company that offers competitive pricing for roofing services. You can reach out to our team and we will provide you with a personalized estimate for your roof.

As a family-owned business, we are proud to treat our customers with respect and as a part of the family. Call us at (314) 997-5522 to receive a quote for residential roofing in St. Charles County, MO, today.